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ChoicePlus TK-12

There are as many different ways of homeschooling as there are homeschoolers and that is why we have created ChoicePlus.  

ChoicePlus is our new customizable, learning program that allows families to choose curriculum and classes that fit their specific needs. This community oriented program features caring and credentialed teachers, many of whom are experienced homeschool parents themselves, and who have a high respect for the heart of homeschooling, no matter what style. From classical, to eclectic, to unschooling, and everything in-between, ChoicePlus provides resources, support, and educational freedom.

The teacher plays a key role in working with each individual family to design an educational pathway, so that the proper balance of flexibility and instructional quality is reached.  The ChoicePlus mission is to minimize paperwork, maximize authentic instructional experiences, and unlock the freedom that homeschool was meant to provide.