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Parent Portal

As we continue to grow at Inspire our Student Information System is growing as well. This year we are adding a new feature to our Student Information System (SIS), called Parent Portal. We are in the beginning stages of this new portal, but you will already find access to claim attendance, news/events, and class schedule. In the next couple of weeks we will be working extra hard to ensure all items are up to date and accessible for your needs. If at any time you are having difficulty with the Parent Portal, please contact your teacher.

The Parent Portal offers the following tools:

  •        Activity Log (Attendance)
  •        Class Schedule
  •        Parent Square
  •        Security (Changing passwords)
  •        *News/Events
  •        *Resources

*We hope to have this available this year.

We are excited about providing you with access to the Parent Portal where you have the option to record and view your attendance logs.

If you do not wish to record your attendance online you can use the paper attendance log below that corresponds to the school calendar your students are enrolled in:

Track B LP 1-4


Track C LP 1-4


Track D LP 1-5


Please contact your Teacher to receive your Parent Portal Login or with any questions or concerns.