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Enrichment Academies

What is Enrichment Academy?


  • In-Person, enrichment instruction one day a week
  • Open to all Inspire students in TK-8th grade and High School*
  • Offered to our Main Program Inspire students (no Instructional Funds needed)



    Enrichment Academy combines the best elements of brick and mortar learning along with a personalized approach to create both a social and academic setting for our students.  Enrichment Academy provides students the opportunity to interact with their peers within their learning community.  Parents have the option to either drop-off their student(s) or stay on location to volunteer or socialize with other Inspire parents.


    Students at Enrichment Academy participate in three hours of in-person enrichment instruction one day a week.  Students, in TK-8 th  grade, will receive instruction in math, language arts, and elective activities (such as art, science or history). The teachers plan learning and enrichment activities that target specific skills students need support in while creating a fun, interactive, hands-on learning environment.  The day also consists of a recess time for students to get outside and play together.  Parents are provided with a syllabus every eight weeks outlining the math and language arts skills and electives that will be covered by your students EA teacher each week. 


    At Enrichment Academy, students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique experiences such as science fair, spelling bee, career day and community service projects. 


    Enrichment Academy also provides support for parents – a time to gather with other Inspire parents for parent workshops, be part of the Boosters Club, talk to other homeschooling parents, or just have some time off.


    Reach out to a Homeschool Teacher to find out what local Enrichment Academies are in your area.


    *TK and HS class not available at all locations