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High School Specialty

The Inspire High School Specialty Program provides a variety of educational experiences beyond the Inspire Core online curriculum. Students enrolled in the Specialty Programs have the option to utilize the Edgenuity online platform and/or a textbook and consumable workbook option for their main curriculum.  There are both A-G and non-A-G tracks available. The A-G tracks offer classes in all A-G subject areas including laboratory sciences, with in-person labs, and studio art classes.  For students seeking to enter the work force, attend Community College, or enter military service directly after high school we offer a curriculum designed for the student's specific needs and interests.

Each Specialty Program is unique and offers a specialized enrichment opportunity for the entire school year.  Students can learn new skills, explore new areas of study, participate in multiple performing arts disciplines, and engage in a variety of subject and thematic enrichment activities.  All Specialty Programs include academic support from credentialed teachers.  Specialty Programs range from arts and entertainment, sailing, construction and trade, leadership, athletics, and more!