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Welcome to the Vendor Centre

Every year our students are allocated Instructional Funds for their academic and extracurricular activities. These funds can be used for an array of personalized learning options such as fine arts courses, music classes, tutoring, supplies, technology, supplemental education materials, and much more.

All student orders using Instructional Funds must be secular and are approved by the student’s teacher and our Enrichment Department before the orders are placed by the school.

We hope you would like to offer your products and/or services by partnering with Inspire Charter Schools as an approved vendor.

All prospective vendors need to be approved by our Vendor Support Team.

We have two types of vendors:

  • Service Vendors typically offer in person or live online classes and can include, but are not limited to, things like tutoring, art, dance, music, sports and athletics (competition, uniform, and equipment not allowable).
  • Product Vendors typically offer curriculum, academic and/or art supplies, field trip admission,  and kits, and more.

Approved Vendor information is displayed in Inspiration Station and our Enrichment Ordering System (EOS) where families can search for specific vendors and place their order requests.